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Inside the museum the atmosphere will be infused with a ghostly haze and the chambers of the Victorian battery will be lit by candlelight and torches (all safe electric ones!). Saturday 24 and Sunday. I was XO at the time and distinctly recall Ken regaling us all with his ripping yarns and legendary tales as his two West Highland Whities (I think) danced around his ankles. . Members will recall that Vice Adm Hudson, a staunch friend of the RN MCM community, was the principal guest at our Annual Dinner last November. Huge congratulations to both especially Neil who was inexplicably asked to revert to Lt Cdr despite having just been an operational MCM Sqn Cdr in the Gulf and also to Ollie, the first non-PWO SO1 for quite some time. . The new deadline is Friday 16 May and, as usual, the events are open to all members of the RN CD Branch and their guests: Informal Social : Starts at 1900 (on completion of the AGM) on Friday 13 June in the Royal Maritime Club. The Vernon Monument Operational and Management Committee, chaired by SofD, has been working hard behind the scenes to execute a stunning fundraising coup, the enormity of which will become apparent later in the year. Ellen tor, 05/24/2018 - 09:01, jeg skal se på forholdene fredag ettermiddag. In the meantime, I look forward to meeting you in due course, and please drop me a line if I or any of my team can be of any support over the summer whilst we are still in home waters. Alle er velkomne, medlemmer og ikke medlemmer. My Crew still recount stories of the visit to newer members of the team and hold fond memories of our stay. Covering mixed terrain and with 15,000 feet of climbing, the race lived up to its billing. . From there, he goes back in history to discuss 'navalism' at the start of the twentieth century. Vaughan Geoffrey William Sub Lt rnvr HMT Firefly (Minesweeper) Killed with course of rnvr Sub Lieutenants while recovering loose British moored mines in Forth. .

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When he had done, Kempsell crept out and sauntered as best he could in his weighty suit whose visor was by now misted by the condensation of his sweat: It would have looked bad to run, he said, but later he admitted I have never. Hatherall Frederick LT/X 102595 Stoker rnps HMD Ray of Hope (HMS Vernon mine recovery vessel) Missing presumed killed when mine exploded during recovery in Thames Estuary. . He met his future wife Kay while standing in for a friend on a date and they clicked immediately, especially when Gabby took her sailing and they ended up aground. . GC awarded posthumously for great gallantry and undaunted devotion to duty. . There are two photos on the Order of Service, the second is obviously Gabby and Kay but where and when I do not know. HMS Chiddingfold and HMS Penzance in Gibraltar 20 Jun 14 - HMS Ledbury on ceremonial and training duites The Royal Navy website contains this article describing a heavy programme of duties for HMS Ledbury (MCM2 Crew 4) during the past fortnight including high profile events. Each of these events will provide an excellent opportunity to raise a glass, in the company of those who knew them, to the memory of Bob 'Jock' Adam, Steve Briggs, Gabby Haines, Ken Kempsell, Tom Kissack, Gerry Mitchell, Ramsay Pearson, Neil Primrose, Dennis Selwood, David. Ken was the Staff Officer at Tay when we went on a West Coast diving cruise (all you can eat crabs, lobbies, scollies, and mussels). . rnps Memorial at Lowestoft. Reported missing presumed killed while en route to Gibraltar on board the torpedoed troopship SS Aguila. . My thanks to the members of rebdoc, particularly Honorary Secretary Robin Bennett, for their kind invitation to the members of our Association and for making me feel so welcome. A huge vote of thanks to David Sandiford and Dixie Dean for organising such a profitable (and enjoyable) day. All invited back to the RBL Club at Fratton Bridge afterwards." See The Forgotten Few of the Falklands in the website's Dit Box for details of the contribution made by members of the RN minewarfare and diving community.

at the training establishment HMS Ganges at Shotley in Suffolk. Nixon William P/SSX17748 AB RN HMS Menestheus (Hired as minelayer) MID awarded for courage and skill in dealing with an unexploded bomb. . So, one of us took a compass and a ruler and a pen and a piece of paper and we said OK, what do we want? They moved around a lot with the RN and had successive homes on Hayling Island and Weymouth before settling in Bournemouth where Gabby pursued a second career in engineering. I am sure everyone in our community will join me in offering him our hearty congratulations. We are always keen to hear from our affiliates so please feel free to contact me or my Affiliations Officer, Lt Matt Irwin, with any questions you may have or news from the local area. But now the veterans, some speaking publicly for the first time, relive their incredible wartime exploits. Your body doesnt want food but you know that without it you simply wont finish. . So sing along: We come along on Saturday evening Greeting everybody with a smile, smile, smile. Good days for all! The porthole originally came from the Earl of Zetland, my floating museum in London Docklands. This period provided me with even more reason for celebration when I discovered I had been promoted to Commander. Tasked to defuze two German type C magnetic mines which had fallen close to Lambourne Church. Brownrigg Patrick Charles Annesley Lt rnvr HMS Dolphin (Portsmouth) MID awarded for courage, skill and endurance while minesweeping in dangerous waters. . I shared a cabin with Ken and his son while Lt Cdr Euan Fairbairn RNR commanded the ship. . .

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